Goals are Good

IMG_0003AAI would make a reference to a recently played sporting event, but why dredge up sad memories. For the record, I’m an ice hockey fan through and through, but I sympathize with any fan who waits expectantly and then watches a team lose horrendously. (cough-cough Sharks ever winning the Stanley Cup cough-cough)

I used to participate in reading challenges. Well, I still do, such as the one on Goodreads, but they call it a challenge, I just call it a “goal”.

As always, I like to take the previous year’s goals and build upon that, so first of all, here are the benchmark numbers:

  • 22,461 Pages Read
  • 38 Library Books (I borrow digital & physical titles)
  • 38 Physical Books
  • 32 eBooks
  • 21 Historical Fiction
  • 15 Chunksters (450 pages or more)
  • 14 OTS/TBR (Off the Shelf/To Be Read)
  • 12 Novellas (200 pages or less)
  • 9 Review copies/Advanced Reader’s copies
  • 2 Non-Fiction Books
  • 1 Award Winner

Taking into account the overlap of categories, I read 70+ books last year, which is a fair amount, however last month alone I read 15 so I’m thinking 2014 is going to be a more productive year.

So for this year my goals are as follows:

  • 100 Books read
  • To read as many physical books as digital titles
  • 50 Books from the library
  • 8 Chunksters (for this goal I’m changing the criteria to 400+ pages)
  • 20 Novellas (200 pages or less)
  • 20 or more books off my heaving, sagging shelves
  • 35,000 Pages Read

Whew! I think that’s enough. Not to mention trying to post more opinion pieces as well as participate in some memes like Sunday Salon, Musing Mondays, Top Ten Tuesdays, and Flashback Fridays. Oh no, not all in the same week mind you, but just enough to keep the conversation going (and this blog) as it were.

How about you? I know you’ve made goals or joined challenges. Let me know which ones you have or which are your favorites. I’d love to see what everyone is up to.

Okay you caught me. I really want to see I’m not the only one sticking my reading neck out as it were.  🙂




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Becca Lostinbooks

Great goals! I am wondering if I set the bar too low for myself this year with a goal of reading 75 books. I had the same one last year and missed by 4. But I’ve already read 12 this year. Maybe I can up it if it comes to that. I am also trying to read more from my TBR pile. I’m getting kind of sad looking at all those unread books staring longingly at me. lol