Review: Dead Ever After (with spoilers)

Dead Ever AfterDead Ever After by Charlaine Harris
Book 13 of the Southern Vampire series
Fantasy Fiction (S/L/V Advisory)


FTC Disclosure: Digital copy borrowed from Library


I know there was, and may still be, some heated debate about how Charlaine Harris chose to end the Southern Vampire series.

But I’m fine with it. She tidied things up quite nicely and to tell you the truth, I have more issues with starting some of those storylines – not how she finished them.

Being partly supernatural, it makes no sense for her to end up with anyone human. And the only way for her to be with Bill or Eric would be for her to become a vampire herself, which I have never seen, especially because of her faith. As quiet as it was during the whole series, she does believe in God and for that I feel that losing her “life” and her soul to the undead is, and never would be, in the cards for Sookie.

As for Alcide and Quinn…too strong, too controlling. Sam is the perfect choice of another supernatural and one who is quite happy for Sookie to be Sookie.

He wants nothing form her other than her happiness. He doesn’t want to possess her or suppress her.

Come to think of it, shouldn’t all relationships be that way? I think so.

I like the way she ended the series. Suits me just fine.





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